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Do you want to adopt to augmented reality app development for your project? Our dedicated AR game developers leverage their proficiency to develop unique games with the help of technologies such as Unity, Corona, and Unreal engine. Let your users experience a phenomenon gaming with best gaming apps developed by Blue Whale Apps. We develop scalable and secure Augmented Reality solutions for Android and iOS platforms with the latest OS. The apps we develop are customized to deliver unique, interactive, and personalized experiences for users across multiple devices.

We have experience developing AR applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. As part of our team, we have augmented reality app developer who enhance product communication and help businesses to increase market share and brand recognition with latest AR technology. Take your marketing campaigns to the next level with a custom branded AR app. If your business values innovation and advancement, you should be aware of what’s happening in AR, regardless of the industry you operate within.

Deliver industrial AR remote assistance by experts, work instructions, or training modules any time in an AR-rich environment. Besides, augmented reality solutions for manufacturing provide on-the-job training to upskill your existing employees frequently and quickly onboard new employees. AR enables companies to innovate and stay ahead of the competition when integrated properly. Having a skilled team, a practical approach, and vast experience in tackling the industry’s challenges, Cubix is the right company to partner with. Hire augmented reality developers from Intelivita, and rest assured!

Augmented Reality App Development Company

We work hard so that the outlined price quote is strictly adhered to. With increasing digital transformation, companies are adopting AR to effectively visualize their digital twins. Instead of working with closed parameters and rigid rules, we offer you, flexible engagement and hiring models, keeping your budget and needs in mind.

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In the E-commerce industry, our web AR services help to preview their products and experience their services in their environment. EFFE Technology delivers trending web AR development solutions to your e-commerce products. Mixed Reality can change the ordinary desktop into an interactive machine. In this, users can even see the physical elements when interacting with the digital world. Our services on mixed reality application development will solve the existing business problems.

This computer-generated perpetual information is often distributed across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory. Such capabilities of AR help humans connect with machines and digital competencies quickly, enabling faster processes and improved efficiency. Over 61% of online shoppers are attracted to sites with AR features. We help you bring the “WOW” factor to your e-commerce with virtual try-on solutions, preview placements, engaging AR filters, and interactive user manuals that boost your brand awareness and sales. Irrespective of your business requirements and vertical, expect a highly accessible, tailor-made, innovative AR-based solutions that serve the core business purpose. We ensure your AR apps run smoothly and seamlessly with our constant AR support and maintenance services.

Augmented Reality App Development Company

With the use of smartphones or head-mounted displays, augmented reality solutions can overlay realistic 3-Dimensional replicas of goods onto real-world environments. Established in 2001, Slice of Lime is a User Experience Design company with offices in Boulder and Denver. They interview you to get an understanding of your requirements and goals. They make a requirements document that strategizes how to best help accomplish them. Their years of mobile app development experience & internal procedures ensure the quality of their products.

SRG Creative Solutions:

AR is putting forth a tremendous extension in the field of versatile application improvement where organizations are using its highlights to climb up the client commitment rate. The NineHertz, an Augmented Reality application advancement organization encourages organizations to make and develop their image picture carefully and extend their span. AR is the scaffold between this present reality and the deceptive world by enhancing true items highlights. The demand for AR technology continues to increase at a steady pace with more industries incorporating it into their operations. It has been modified effectively and extended its application to other tech-related sectors of the economy. An Augmented Reality solution that allows to scan the physical markers and images in particular, is a solution we term as Marker Based AR solution.

BLE technology is a powerful & application-friendly version of Bluetooth that was developed for an Internet of Things. BLE technology is highly cost-effective and offers affordable marketing solution. Their Low-cost and low-energy beacon devices that the technology relies on, offers convenience for large deployments. Being pocket-friendly, it helps to implement Bluetooth Low Energy apps in a scalable & flexible way.

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So it ensures the most desired results for your business in the terms of competitive prices and makes them future-proof. Zennaxx Technology did an amazing job with the application we needed developed. Their communication was on point, so there was no room for mistakes. Our comprehensive logistic app, powered by augmented reality technology for effective tracking, enables organizations to remain adaptable. An immersive AR application which revolutionizes interior design experience allowing you to accurately furnish the office, house or room using your smartphone or tablet.

  • We finally deploy your application on cross platforms and complete the required documentation from our side.
  • An immersive AR application which revolutionizes interior design experience allowing you to accurately furnish the office, house or room using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Nevertheless, if you’d like to create a full-scale feature-rich custom application, our team may require more time.
  • The visualization capabilities of AR make it a great fit for real estate, with a diverse range of applications, including augmented reality rental services or digital tours of properties.
  • We have a team of excellent and certified developers that ensures error-free and cutting-edge solutions.

Creating an AR healthcare app is quite revolutionary for it enables the healthcare personnel to try their hands at procedures. AR app for healthcare offers an augmented setting for doctors and practitioners to run through the virtual process using AR to better the quality and safety for patients when performed in real life. Leveraging location-based technologies for your apps are more intuitive with AR technology.

Virtual try-on Solutions

With the assistance of the Unity 3d Engine, AR is being used to develop 3D Games. In retail clients can use AR technology so customers can basically try out products before they buy that. Repair and maintenance, the employees performing physical work can wear AR glasses to help with fix and upkeep the job. AR software can be used to extend important information and advise the client where a specific part should go.

Their Mobile application solutions provide a hassle-free path to the market sensitive information anywhere, anytime and on any devices. They make customized mobile apps that provide ease of use & fast data processing. Augmented reality is predicted to be a $50 billion industry by 2024. Although this rich technology started off with complexities and limited accessibility, it is now widely marketed for its enhanced abilities witnessed in customer engagement. Its capabilities in merging the digital world with reality bring innumerable opportunities around marketing, training, and customer services.

AR aerospace reduces assembly equipment downtime by displaying troubleshooting procedures or by consulting remote experts across the factory or world. A fixed price model involves a fixed timeline under which the project is scheduled to be completed. We give 95% timely submissions, keeping your unique requirements in mind. No additional expenses would be levied as the development cost is fixed. We invite our customers for constructive feedback to bring the best possible digital solutions. Our recognition based AR discovers and tracks display virtual information with clear visuals of rich artifacts.

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Augmented reality, normally abridged as “AR,” is computer created content overlaid in the real work in real-time. Regular uses of augmented reality technology consist of computer games, augmented reality app development company TV, and individual navigation, however, there are numerous different uses also. For instance, golf live-stream presents a line on the screen that tracks the trip of the ball.

Augmented Reality App Development Company

We offer our AR app development services for all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. Not just that, with effective and highly superior augmented reality apps by us, businesses can also improve their brand awareness and brand recognition too. We develop software using different technologies for product manufacturers, software companies, IT businesses, and start-ups. We deliver 3D web and mobile applications, AR and VR Applications, 360 Virtual tour, techno-marketing strategies, and high quality user experiences to achieve client’s business objectives.

With industries exploring various ways to deploy the technology for enhancements in work, experience, and interaction, AR is slowly turning inevitable for many sectors. Below listed are some of the industries and business areas most benefiting from the technology. Hire a pool of best talent with top-notch technical proficiency and unparalleled expertise over other platforms and cutting edge technologies for your augmented reality development project. Target your customers location-wise by developing location-based AR apps that use device features such as GPS, accelerometer among others.

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All these benefits of our mobile ar development services with active offline usage. Augmented reality in retail stores helps customers visualize products from any location to make better purchase decisions. Augmented reality in-store experience enables customers to scan signs in-store and fetch product information, including color options, customer reviews, and pricing.

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Our project team gives regular updates as the development process evolves/progresses. With agile methodology, alterations and additions would be seamless with elements changed when needed. In the next 12 months, AR users will number around 1.96 billion globally. AR users will account for 85 million in the US during the same period. Interact with users by harnessing C#, a popular programming language for game development that delivers cross-platform compatibility for maximum outreach.

Gaming and Entertainment will keep on driving more extensive reception of augmented and computer generated reality and open new markets. Augmented Reality has turned out to be one of the following huge moves in the application division. What we see encompassing us is the world in its most regular shape and augmented Reality is actually the inverse of the equivalent.

This Marker Based Augmented Reality solution provides an improved understanding that extracts a 2D/3D model, videos, animations and audios across numerous business verticals. The team worked fastidiously and directed the engagement effectively, guiding efforts to ensure the collaboration remained on schedule. Fascinate users with visual storytelling that sits on top of their real-world to provide a captivating entertainment experience.

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